Myth Busting Birth Induction

In some women, does labor never start? No! There is no woman in recorded history who has not gone into labor on her own. Myth Busted!

Does the placenta age or somehow stop functioning or have a best before date? No. There is no evidence that the placenta ages or stops functioning in a healthy woman. Your placenta is as new as your baby. It functions perfectly until and after your baby is ready to be born. Myth Busted!

Does anyone or any machine know the exact day a baby is ready? No. Your due date is only an estimated due date. The ultrasound cannot give you an exact date without an error rating. Errors are often made on the conception date. Only the baby and your body know the exact date your baby is ready to be born. Myth Busted!

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Am I Pregnant?

How to know if you are pregnant…

Many women are aware that they are pregnant from the signs and signals their body gives them long before they test positive for pregnancy. During the initial onset of pregnancy you may feel some bloating, cramping, nausea, you may have more frequent urination, and you may notice increased creamy discharge.

In 6 to 12 days you may notice some light pink or brown spotting or experience a short or light period as implantation occurs. Some women on an intuitive or emotional level feel something is different. Nausea is one of the truest signs of pregnancy and cannot be confused with an oncoming period.

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